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lose 5lbs.

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J-FlowerStarting weight

Weighed myself yesterday and am at 16st 13lbs. Wasnt managing to lose any weight for ages because my hypothyroidism had gotten worse but have had my medication upped and so am hopefully back on track. 5 months ago

J-FlowerHave to start somewhere

Before my brothers wedding I lost 2 and a half stone that was just over a year ago since then I have put that weight back on and continue to do so. I am struggling to get back into weight watchers but have my sisters wedding coming up and am a bridesmaid for her so want to look my best. I also want to not hat my body so much. Have just found a whole bunch of photos of how I used to look and I want to look like that again more then anything so am going to do it bit at a time and hopefully get there. 7 months ago

enoughzenough4lbs down

So, I am almost there. I have been trying to lose the extra weight I have put on recently and managed to getdown to 11stone having previously been 11 st 4lbs. That’s almost the 5lbs that I aimed for. Truth be told I think I doubted that I’d ever be able to lose weight so I aimed low but ideally I’d like to get back to 10st 6lbs. Half a stone to go roughly then. 8 months ago

hhannahAs of this morning I was down 1lb! woopie

small step – for all the extra effort Ive put in. BUt the big deal is that maybe the scale hardly moved…but I did and I do feel better and my clothes feel a little better. Muscle weighs more than fat so just keep toning and running, planking, stairs, crunches, better food choices and it will happen. 9 months ago

hhannahshorts felt ever so slightly looser

around my hips tonight. Last weeks intense workout focus and again putting on the pressure this week may be starting to see very small change. The no alcohol challenge will help with this goal as well. Eat Clean, Work out – Feel better. 9 months ago

hhannahRealistically I need to lose about 7-8lbs

so I will start with 5lbs. The goal has been on here before but
I want to focus on this. Today I wrote up life cards for me to keep me motivated and do check ins and wild card days where I go raw or organic. I am going to post progress here and keep myself accountable. 9 months ago

enoughzenoughWeight Loss "goals"

I have been adamently against the “weightloss culture” that we seem to live in but I am, and I can’t deny it, part of it. I remember being on my first diet at age 9. Feeling “fat” has been part of my life (and I am relatively slim) as far back as I can remember and it has not gotten better with age. I don’t feel HUGE, I just feel like I am betraying myself by not being the toned, athletic, thin person I could be. I am strong and driven and I feel like I sit back and am lazy with my body because….I don’t know why…and this is a betrayal of my capabilities.

My goal weight would probably be 10 stone or 140lbs. I am about 11 stone now.

This is how I’d like it to go:
I continue cycling through the summer and this becomes my daily exercise.
I stop depending on chocolate/sugar to get me through my afternoons at work (even if it doesn’t have an effect on my weight!)
I augment my workout with odd trips to the park, the climbing wall, a kickboxing class etc and have a bit of fun.
I continue to try to plan my food a bit better so I don’t always go for the easy option.

I have a long history of this kind of KNEE-JERK PLAN and so I am under no illusions about my success.Infact, to help this (and I only think of this now…) I am going to write some short-term goals below to keep in my mind over the next few weeks:

In the next month I will:
1. I will cycle all the way to work (also a goal on my main list) as a way to kick-start my cycling to work
2. I will keep a weekly record of my weight to keep it on my mind
3. I will book in a kick-boxing class (also a goal on my main list)
4. I will find a date to go rock-climbing with steph (also a goal on my main list)
5. I will keep my ideal set-up (above) in my mind to start making practical goals for next month.

Done. Here’s hoping. 11 months ago

Thin_Moon_MeI am a goal lighter :)

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to give up on this goal. It’s making me obsess about weight and food and I’m finding this very counterproductive. After only losing a couple of pounds the other day, I binged on lots of high carb bread and crisps, which messed up my blood sugar control and made me feel awful.

I am still striving to do my best to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle, I’m just not going to weigh myself often.

I get weighed as part of my diabetic exam every 3 or 4 months, so I can still measure my progress, without driving myself crazy :) 11 months ago

Thin_Moon_MeA bag of sugar

I have lost 2lbs… another 3lbs to go. I’m trying to be kind to myself, as planned, but in my heart I’m disappointed with only 2lbs in the initial 10 days. I can’t afford to go off the rails with this, for the sake of my immediate and long term health, so I’m just going to put my big girl pants (hopefully smaller in the future haha) on and get on with it :) 11 months ago

Thin_Moon_MeI blame the cat

Had to wait up on the cat coming home and ended up having a bit of a binge last night, so I’m postponing this morning’s planned weigh in for a few days :( 11 months ago

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