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Spend a summer working at a National Park

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pioneerspiritat Denali National Park

Sooooo worth it! Ended up working at the pizza place up there (Lynx Creek Pizza) one summer when i was in undergrad. One company basically owns everything up there (and at other national parks)—ARA : American Recreation something. So you just need to apply at one place, then they place you at one of their hotels, stores, restaurants, etc. Some peole there basically worked year-round for them, all over the country, and just went to different parks depending on the season.

What I loved about it: working in the evenings – so i had days free for day-trips, had weekends for overnight back country trips,a nd living close to nature: ran into moose on my way to get the mail, a fox while i was crossing a road, and a grizzly on a leisurely walk after dinner—not to mention other wildlife while i was actually on a hike!

Found this website by googling:
http://www.coolworks.com/national-park-jobs/ 8 years ago


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