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Shruti27 Shruti Chaudhary

I am a passionate and creatively inspired writer looking for an opportunity to work with your reputed magazine. 16 months ago

marinashkurkocareer in Vogue UK

Hi!!!!I am looking for a career in Vogue magazine? Why Vogue?? I am young professional with a unique combination of being creative which comes from 5 years international experience in fashion as pragmatic & discipline. Highly ambitious & dedicated, i am achievement focused with a proven ability to deliver the best results. During my studying i found the time to participate in every Fashion Week, in Moscow, Paris, Roma, Seoul. I have a good connection, used to work with many famous designers and celebrities. I have a good communication skills and deeply understanding the fashion industry from backstage. Working at Vogue can be challenged and fresh experience. I am very communicative, friendly and active team player. 2 years ago

Meliora SangmaCRAZINESS!!!!!

I’m really mad after fashion, art, photography, reading fashion magazenes, specially vogue.I really want to do a fashion related job. I’m really aiming for it. I just love Vogue magazene….it totaly drives me crazy. Now its my biggest aim, i.e, to work in Vogue magazene and I pray to God that one day I will be somewhere up there in this industry.Amen!!!! 3 years ago

jamil12345HELP !

I have been searching the internet on how to start a fashion
career. Don’t know where to start. I would love to become Fashion Buyer Marketing or a Retail Store owner. I am scared that I am to old. I have always had a passion for fashion and never pursued my goal. So if this is Vogue Magazine may I please have advice how to get started. 3 years ago

Paromita Roydream of my life

am doing my graduation in political science. since 14 i wanted to work in magazine in fashion magazine well as vogue being the ruling fashion magazine i choose to be a part of it.my dedication towards this field my passion for fashion with a creative mind m surely suited for this post. 3 years ago

Daniela AguileraSince i was a little girl....

i wanted to work in the fashion industry, so when i finished my junior high school studies, i took a semester to choose the right career, so i choose fashion design, and it was the best decision of my life, and next may i’ll be done with college, which make me extremely happy, but at the same time i want to do more, so during my career i discovered other interests like plastic arts, art history, fashion marketing, but specially the last two semesters… fashion journalism and fashion magazines design, so, there’s a subject where the teacher told us to make a magazine, and we are working on it, and i’m really enjoying this. so i think that maybe this was the best homework of the whole career, i really really want to work for vogue, i thinks that’s my destiny. 3 years ago


i love fashion….i like to look trendy at everytime….i love high class fashion brand such as dolce&gabbana,gucci&prada,salvatore ferragamo,hugo boss.. i hope i can have an great opprtunity to work for VOGUE MAGAZINE or a teen vogue….i alaways dream to work for vogue since i was young so please help me to made my dream come true 3 years ago


LOL. Well, if I knew what I was doing, I would do it…but the truth is, I really don’t, so I’m not. I clicked on this site because it said “work for vogue magazine”, and that’s the part I was interested in. So, what, or who I’m writing this to, is unknown to me at this point. So, I’m going to sumbit this I guess, and see what I’m told next. The site is a little unclear on what I’m suppose to be doing. But if this is Vogue magazine that I’m really writing to…then I just want to say…”Hey! Hire me! I’m here,and I would love to work with the team of Vogue(india,mumbai)!!!! Please! Notice my little entry..tell hw cn i apply or rather wer cn i apply…contact me at pia.patel@hotmail.com 3 years ago

TempGirlMy Dream...

I’d love to work at Vogue! I’m very interested in fashion…....
I am a very intelligent person who loves fashion and i would like to work for vogue. I have had a big ambition for fashion all my life and now that i am capable enough to work i would like to persuit a career in this industry.
Thank you 3 years ago

kgarcia2013I want to work for vogue

I want to work for vogue but i dont know how.
i have always dreamed of my self in New York City working for a high fashion magazine. I love it, the business, deadlines and all the people around you. I just dont know how to start or what collage i can go to, to help me achieve this goal NYU? 4 years ago

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