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Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

I just got my GED diploma in the mail today! 4 months ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

I passed my GED! :-) 4 months ago

clara1985Math & LA testing

I have my Math & Language Arts GED testing on Saturday the 23rd of this month. I am nervous and excited. After doing some Math practices, I see there is so much more for me to learn. I am scared. 5 months ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

I’m all signed up for local GED evening classes. I’ve also signed up for my math test on the 26th of November at 4:30 pm. my beau is able to work this into his work schedule since he works till 4:30 pm generally. 5 months ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

Well, I didn’t complete my personal challenge of getting my GED by the end of October (I didn’t pass my test!), but I’m going to be trying even harder on this goal to get it done by the end of the year. 5 months ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

Yesterday was the day that I ended up taking my final test – math – and I’m hoping that I passed at least! I’m going to be so happy and excited if I did! 6 months ago


I have set a goal for myself,it’s very important for me to achieve this goal. It means so much to me. 6 months ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

Finished my science test; waiting for scores. Planning to take math test on Friday the 13th. Then I’ll be done. 7 months ago


Need to be done by August! 10 months ago

LilsassycatI Made the First Move

I finely did it. I signed up with a GED program in March. I have been doing great. I have a wonderful instructor who never minds all my questions. :)
The hardest part of it for me was making that first phone call. Every year, I would let fear get the better of me. I was very anxious about going, but I felt determined to make this a year of change.It was scary to have to put on paper where I was in my education. I knew this was the painful part you have to go through to get to the good part. A good thing I got out of it immediately was to be able to be honest of where I was and not be judged. The people there made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.
I scored MUCH higher than I thought I would. I am happy to say the only thing I have to work on is my math. :D
It has been almost a month now since I signed up and I can honestly say I have never been happier. I feel so good about myself and knowing that I AM moving forward with my life. I feel foolish to have wasted so much time when I could have done this much sooner,but I know it was not in God’s timing. I believe there is a reason for every thing.
I hope I am able to cross this off my list this year. :)

Good luck to anyone else pursuing the same goal! 12 months ago

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