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Adrienne HubbardGoal for this week.

Try waking up before 6:15 everyday? I’d like to try to do this.
I am notoriously bad at waking up in the morning.
For the rest of this school week, I am going to wake up before 6:15.
YES. 2 years ago

thesevhere we go

goal re-activated! my new job starts earlier and my fiance toni is on the same schedule, so now more than ever it behooves me to make this part of my life. toni loves sleeping in as well, so it can be difficult to overcome the warm bed mentality. this blog post is getting me in the right mind set, though:

http://zenhabits.net/10-benefits-of-rising-early-and-how-to-do-it/ 3 years ago


I just can’t do it . I woke up at 11 today , like yesterday and the day before. 3 years ago


so i think this is just gonna have to go hand in hand with getting a new job. ain’t gonna happen on its own. 4 years ago


i woke up right around noon today, but i still haven’t done shit. watched heroes and the daily show, made some food, still lookin for shit to do despite the fact that i made this god damn list a week ago. bah. 5 years ago

thesevthis is a problem

i’m just getting worse and worse. every day off i get i’m sleepin’ in til after noon, sometimes like 3 or 4. it’s eating into my productivity time, for real. toni gets home from work round 5 or 6, and after that i just wanna come up with some fun shit for us to do, rather than get down to business. maybe posting this here will make me feel accountable, like, i wanna cross that off, so i gotta wake up. 5 years ago

immz35need to lose weight..

need to sort out my diet 5 years ago

squashplayer007Up early

Got out of bed at 6 am today 6 years ago

squashplayer007Resisted temptation to cancel game and go back to sleep

Woke up at 9 today even though I stayed up until 4:30 am last night. Was tempted to text Doug and cancel my game. I’m glad I didn’t do that. Definitely very helpful to have a fixed game. Takes time to set up games, but it is definitely worth it. Its now 3:45. I haven’t slept since coming back. I’m going to take a nap for a couple of hours in about 20 minutes. 6 years ago

squashplayer007Don't stay up too late

Try not to stay up past 1 am. Much easier to wake up by 8 if I don’t stay up until 2. 6 years ago

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