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Learned how to play the clarinet 4 months ago

sammeeeEight lessons in....

And I don’t understand how I didn’t start this earlier. 4 months ago


I took my first piano lesson last Thursday, and it was amazing! Looking forward to my next lesson this Thursday! 7 months ago

Minerva bLearning the Ukulele♥!

I’ve just started going for my ukulele (my first ever musical instrument) last Sunday ~ and it was great fun, albeit a tad scary, too.

Also, I’ve been practising almost everyday with my own sweet little uke, so hopefully, I get better at it♥ :) 20 months ago


First need to pick an instrument 21 months ago


I play violin, viola, guitar, and a bit of cello and flute. I’ve known how to read music since I could read words. If anybody needs help or support, feel free to ask :) 22 months ago

Andrea409This one's tough.

I am immensely artistically-challenged, a fact I’ve always lamented. My dad is a terrific painter. Why couldn’t I have inherited an ounce of that talent? :)

A few years ago I took guitar lessons. I SUCKED. My bf plays guitar in a death metal band. He also draws pretty well. I guess I’m more logically-minded. I’m good with science and chemistry. Not so good with being creative. So this goal’s going to be tough. I’m not going to discard it just yet, but I really have no idea which instrument to try or where to begin. I guess I’ll check out what the folks who have completed this goal have to say about it. 23 months ago

sammeeePiano teacher -

Does anybody have any recommendations as to how to go about finding a good (patient) piano teacher, please? :-) 2 years ago


i bought a recorder. My nephew is playing the recorder in his 5th grade music class, and I have a friend who plays recorder in a recorder group(? 15-20 people who get together once a month and play renaissance recorder music).
The recorder in someways is fairly easy to learn, but is also more difficult that I thought it would be, I find its difficult to get many of the notes to sound right, either I’m not covering the holes correctly, or not using the correct breathing. 2 years ago

trAliceRabbitNot sure where to start

I need a small instrument that I can take with me. Something to travel with. I need ideas. I was thinking something small like the flute or I have guitar so I was thinking that but I am terrible with tunning so im not sure. 2 years ago

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