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sunyathis is ongoing

of course
but i’m counting it as finished since i believe i’ve made goods progress

i think the green tea helps, and basic as it is, lots and lots of hand-washing 6 years ago

sunyagreen tea extract

got it! and it’s probably the natural course of recovery, but i feel i’m getting better already

now i learn white tea extract is more potent against bacteria and stuff. that’s fine. can move on to that later. 6 years ago

sunyai get sick too much

this week i’ve had a cold, and as usual this means almost a week in bed. the past couple of days i was feeling better, but now i fear i’m getting worse again… maybe recontracting from my partner. i see my past entries are rife with mentions of illness.

i was doing better for a time. i took a hard look at the list of things you can do to avoid colds and things, and i was doing as well as i could on most of them. i try to get enough sleep, but i’m an insomniac, so not a huge amount i can do there. i do eat fruits and veggies… like them. take vitamins, etc.

the one area i saw for improvement was hand-washing… so i’ve been washing my hands a lot more. it did seem to help for a while, but now here i am.

i’m looking at two things now: green tea extract and neti pot. green tea is more realistic, since any sort of daily ritual is difficult for me to maintain. or i could say isn’t something i’ve ever succeeded at for long. as usual, i’m agog when i see what gt extract sells for. i’m trying not to make this an obstical, a mental obstical, and just be a grownup 6 years ago


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