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Johnnyz77my hammock rocks

i love my hammock. i will be sad when i have to put it away for the winter. i try to sit on it or lay in it everyday day. sometimes i put the dog on it with me.

Hammock’s rock! 6 years ago

Searching for a new way...Never again

will I not have a hammock. I’ve had one for at least 11 years now and I love love love them. I’ve done everything from sleep in it, daze in it, have sex in it, to fall out of it. The only things off limits in it are arguments. 6 years ago


We have a hammock in our backyard, kind of off to the side in an area deeply shaded by trees. It’s a fantastic place. When we have house guests, they usually find their way out there at one point or another. 6 years ago

gisprincessBrazillian breeze

I bought both a hammock and a hammock-chair while visiting Brazil. I believe I paid BR$40, which came out to US$8 at the time. They are both made of heavy and beautifully woven fabric. These are NOT the kind where elbows or knees can sink through the gaping holes. I absolutely love both, but I love the hammock the most. 6 years ago


thanks to the wonderful beautiful fabulous hammock and baked goods fairy! 6 years ago

magentacbHappy Birthday to me!

So the only thing I asked Mom for was a hammock (well okay I asked her to get another tattoo with me) but I got the hammock and it is soooo bad ass. I love it more than I thought I would. My mother is the greatest! Plus she gave it to me early so I could enjoy it even more! I love it and my mom! 6 years ago


worth doing and then some. 6 years ago

KnittinMamaTime to order

I have finished my web site for my beginning internet class and I love it. It’s got a few minot aesthetic issues, but more or less it’s done. Tomorrow I order the hammock as my reward. Two goals done! 7 years ago

KnittinMamaA reward for me

I will order this -


- when I finally finish designing my website for my Internet Fundamentals class.

This final assignment has turned me into a crazy, grumpy, malnourished woman who talks loudly to herself on public transportation. I will be presenting my site to my class Tuesday night, so whatever happens my hammock will be ordered by Wednesday night. 7 years ago


i’ve always wanted a hammock. this site just reminded me. i’m definitely asking for one for my bday in two weeks : ) 7 years ago

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