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fly a kite

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Build and fly a kite. I have purchased a kite but waiting for good kite flying weather. 8 months ago

jacketpocketLow winds, low wings.

They didn’t soar too high, but we tried. 9 months ago


We bought a kite today, but it most likely wont be until next weekend that we get a chance to fly it. 11 months ago

Ru ~ dig deeperWhooooosh!

We had a particularly sunny and windy day recently, so we all piled in the car with the kite and hustled off to Burnaby Mountain. It was a perfect way to break up the current craziness and enjoy some fun and active family time outside. Beautiful.

We’ll be on the lookout for a great new kite flyin’ spot in our new neighbourhood. 11 months ago

LadyThaomiA road trip is in sight!

March 8th we will be headed for the west coast. It will be a working vacation but hopefully this will be on our to-do list while we’re in the area 15 months ago


done this 10000 times (: 23 months ago

Lost WayfarerIt was so much fun!

April 20, 2012

When I got off work, I met with my writing friends in my group called the NanKnights. It is funny, because since we have been meeting, we haven’t done much writing at all!

Three of my friends met up before I got to meet up with them, when I got there, they told me we were all going kite flying. I was happy, because I was going to add “Fly a kite” to my goal list, but I was holding off, because I had to buy a kite first, but I didn’t know where to buy one yet. They bought me a lovely “Kitty” kite that looks like my cat, Canna, that passed on! They said they saw it and instantly thought of me and “Canna”

NOW THOSE ARE FRIENDS!!!! I was very touched that they remembered something so personal to me about my life. I am very glad to have friends like that.

So we went to Sawyer Ludwig park and flew our kits. We named them. L. named her Duck one, Ducky Momo. J. named her Penguin, Pingo. S. named her Panda, Po and mine, I didn’t really get to name it, because my friends were already calling it “Canna” so I thought the name was appropriate!.

I had a hard time getting my kite in the air a couple times, but it flew wonderfully. I took several pictures of all our kites as well as Bickle came along for the ride as well.

It was an awesome time and the wind was perfect. I know in May there is Kite flying day, so I will be able to fly it again very soon!

It was a great Friday! 2 years ago


I bought a new kite at the dollarstore today. It was basically a garbage bag with sticks and string attached, but still a kite. It was fairly windy out so i tried it in my backyard. My yard is a muddy hill right now so it didn’t work out too well. It only went in the air for a few seconds before crashing to the ground :(. I tried throwing it and twirling around in different angles to see if the wind would pick up, but nothing. Lame, i really don’t feel like attempting it again, it’s not that fun of a thing to do anyways. At least my daughter and the people outside staring at me might have got some amusement out of it. 2 years ago

Ru ~ dig deeperFlying the coop

Yesterday a strong wind joined the cold sunshine, so we abandoned our few remaining responsibilities and walked to the field up the hill and flew a kite until it would fly no more. We were pink cheeked and chilly fingered by then and came home for big mugs of cocoa.
It made for a pretty perfect afternoon. 2 years ago


I’ll do this again. My family used to fly kites regularly when I was a kid. Going to park the goal, rather than mark as done. This will bring me back when i review “parked” goals. 2 years ago

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