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SpyrunnerThis last week

I returned two trunk fulls of beer pop bottles, and I have one more trip to go. I also have a pile of cardboard to get rid of. I need to get the basement clean so that my father-in-law can install a new garage door opener. Ours has been broken for a couple of years now. My wife wants the new vehicle stored safely away. 19 months ago

Andromeda123It's easy

I throw it all in a blue bag, then a blue bin I don’t even have to seperate anything. 2 years ago

LivingtheDreamThe End

This has become so automatic for me that I am “done”. I will continue to collect my recyclables and go to the recycling bin when I need to go. 2 years ago


I’ve finally moved to a place with a recycling program. Between that and the bins at school, I recycle fairly often. 2 years ago


I took the 2 car batteries to a car battery shop around the corner. I was given $16 for the pair. Most excellent. I then took my daughter to turn in the pop and beer cans and she made $27 from them.

To do:
a pile of metal (I’m not sure where it is)
imported beer bottles
2 old propane tanks
more cardboard
antifreeze 2 years ago

WorldTraveller94Why Am I Not Doing This?

I am an eco-nutjob. Tree-hugger, whatever. I fight for ANWR in my community and feel bad for roadkill. I shake my head in sadness when I see ‘development’ and even come close to tears when I discuss the perils in the rain forest.

So why am I not recycling?

First of all, I live in the south. Good luck finding a recycling drop-off here. Second, I live with my ultra-conservative father who thinks that because we’ve been cutting down trees since the beginning of time, we must be alright. I could spend this entry arguing that, but he is the main reason.

He’s the main reason I don’t do a lot for my environment. I need to stop that. I’m moving out in a year. I can’t be “daddy’s girl.” 2 years ago

LivingtheDreamMore Recycling

I have another bag of glass, plastic and light cardboard to take to the recycle bin. Yesterday I shredded more newsprint to add to the compost heap. This, along with my veggie peels, eggshells and coffee grounds will help my garden next year too! 2 years ago

LivingtheDreamJuly 2011

I am still “recycling” to the compost heap as much as I can: coffee grounds, veggie peels, egg shells, newsprint, etc. Over the weekend my son took two bags (paper shopping bags) full of plastic, glass, and cardboard items to the recycling bin at the elementary school 2 blocks from my house. I kept out a plastic coffee can and 2 peanut butter jars all without the lids. I intend to use as flower pots for my kitchen herbs. 2 years ago

LivingtheDreamMore Recyling

I have found a recycling dumpster even closer to my house! It’s just down the street. Don’t know how I missed it except that it is in the parking lot of the elementary school. Anyway, that is great! I have a paper shopping bag full of stuff ready to go! Now to get it there!

I am still recycling coffee grounds, vegetable peels, egg shells, and newsprint in my compost heap. 2 years ago


My father-in-law helped me take the pile of cardboard to the recycling center. I didn’t realize that they keep the recycling center open all the time and I could drop things off on my way to work.

My daughter took the pop bottles and beer cans in. She now has $44 for her venturing trip.

To do still:
2 car batteries (which I found places to take, but I should see if I can get money for them)
a pile of metal
a few dozen imported beer bottles.
2 old propane tanks. 2 years ago

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