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James RobinsonGetting there

So I’ve been using some teach yourself DVDs and I’m much happier behind the kit now. I’m going to practice by playing along to some CDs as my fills need some work. 3 months ago

James RobinsonTo quantify...

I can play a kit just not very well so this is to encourage improvement. 6 months ago


It has always been my dream as a child to learn musical instruments. At first I wanted to learn how to play the violin but we were so poor my parents couldn’t even afford to buy a guitar. Then when I had a friend back in high school who knows how to play a guitar, I was impressed by her that I even asked her to teach me how to play. But to my dismay, I can’t figure out how. I don’t know how to tap the strings and where to place my fingers.
Then as I grow older, I got more inclined into the slow rock genre and I noticed that I unconsciously tap the table whenever I hear a great music. That’s when I realized that I wanna learn how to play drums.
The only problem now would be where would I learn how to play drums here in Manila with a tight budget. 23 months ago


I started learning this in year 10, then had a really serious illness, which included photophobia, headaches and problems dealing with noise. So that failed.

I’d only just started working on Grade 2.

Now, my beautiful silver kit is in so many pieces at my grandma’s house. However, at some point, I shall get it back down again. 3 years ago

nicksamuelsonShouldn't be too hard

I’ve picked up the basics of keeping a steady rock beat, adding some accents, and doing fills from watching other drummers, and when I’m not playing guitar, I’m constantly tapping out a beat on something… Just need drums of my own. 3 years ago


just looks like such a cool instrument to play
id love to be really good 4 years ago

hamilton32learn to play drums and guitar...

well i’m going to be in band still when i move to montana why not add a couple talents on??! 4 years ago


i find myself surrounded by people who play guitar… so how to fit in while still being me..? DRUMS! i also want to learn violin because it has such a beautiful sound. 4 years ago

Tristan_MrazHowcast Videos

• Use Howcast app for notes, take advantage of it ;) 4 years ago


I wanna learn how to play these. Always have done and always will do. But right now its not something i can really achieve. and to be honest i dont think i ever will be able to achieve it…still theres Guitar Hero and the drum set on there, plus the toy drum set Spready got me i can carry on to practice on lol 4 years ago

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