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be self-confident again

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And not let self doubt or others get in the way! 3 weeks ago


Yes, I want to be self confident but again is not true. I was never “self confident”. I have always been insecure about myself, whether I was good enough. This is definitely a goal. 3 weeks ago

Madin49Self confidence

Self confidence is hard to get I was a very shy person and now everyone knows me. I started by just going up to a girl saying hi my name is… What is yours. Try that and I’m sure you will succeed 14 months ago


It’s been two years since I set this goal, and yet I feel I am no closer to achieving it. I used to be such a self-confident person, but the last two years, I found myself feeling insecure, and I think it’s starting to affect my relationship.

Need to start working on this soon! But where to start? 16 months ago


Travelling alone can definitely help in this area. Just that i have to have more savings so that i can travel overseas. Sure, there are other ways to increase my self confidence. think positively! And keep doing what im weak at till im a pro. I know i can regain my self-confidence back.! 18 months ago

Norma Chavezlove myself :)

I have been broken and have hit rock bottom. After two long term relationships, they both blame me for the failure. I gave them all of me and it wasnt enough. Now I will learn to love and respect myself and set healthy boundaries. 18 months ago

Gia2166Be Self Confident again

the more confident i become, I could find a job that i would make the money I was used to making the past 20 years, and do the things I was able to do, not have this trapped feeling! 21 months ago

Fudgehog15I'm in theatre

I NEED THIS it’s the only thing i cant get from class or musicals
sining i can take
dancing is avalible
and hell yeah there are a buncha acting classes
but if i can do this for me then the rest of my life can change how i want it to 22 months ago

itsasecretif i could really do stand up at a night club

that would prove i have confidence …. i know i’m funny it just seems scary with hundreds of people focusing on you … Jeff thinks i need to drink to be funny but that wouldn’t really work … I do feel comfortable with people i know i just have to figure out how to focus on 1 or 2 friendly faces. I guess it something i should have already tried. 22 months ago

itsasecretthe more i do for myself....

the more confident i become. I wish I could find a job that i would like or had the money go back to school.
Making new friends is helping me. It’s strange I really didn’t think I would want a friend 10 years younger than me but Eric really is a good friend. He came to my grandmother’s funeral.

Hopefully I lost some weight. I see the doctor next week so I'll definitely now then. I think the scales there are more accurate then the 1 at home. 23 months ago

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