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I am SonNT.
Please mail to me sonnt1@fsoft.com.vn 4 years ago


I’ve never felt like that before, but I wish I could 5 years ago


I wanna meet a guy who will adore me and absolutely be crazy about me and me feel the same about him!! It would be nice :) 6 years ago

faybellineto feel adored and to adore in return

Its one thing to find someone who adores you but very sad to not feel the same way in return. I want to feel adored and adore in return. 6 years ago

~*Serenity*~Worth Doing... And Way Beyond

I can’t say I found him. Rather I believe, that it was meant to be.

I’ve never know true adoration until now, and I don’t mind telling you one little bit.

I’m not goin’ back. I’m keeping this feeling.

It’s priceless to be loved and adored for whom you are. No pretence no having to act different or hide flaws. Sometimes I find it hard to believe, you know that inevitable rug being pulled out from under you.

Instead of that creating a platform for disagreements as it has in my past {the insecurities and fears} I have lovingly been reassured with Tremendous patients and acceptance. NOT only that, but it’s okay and I am understood.

I Love You Always. 6 years ago

dismembering& adore, he does!

It’s hard being a homosexual male & finding someone who, more or less, you’d want to settle down with. You don’t have to be looking for forever’s, or number ones, & I’m definitly not, but I’m glad I found someone who I can say I love spending time with & I love watching him grow.

This is for you, Billy. :). 6 years ago

Shana Thompson:)

:) 8 years ago

watermarkMy mother said...

My mother always said about my last boyfriend that she just didn’t think he adored me. I guess that’s stuck with me. But who doesn’t want to be with someone who loves everything about you? I started dating someone once who expressed appreciation and admiration for even the smallest things, talents, he called them. I guess that’s stuck with me too. 8 years ago


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