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TawlysaurusAnd so it starts

Hello there!

So I’m a musician and I write and sometimes play a bit of my own music. I’ve written a few songs that I’m quite fond of, but they’re about other things that I’ve witnessed. I mean, some of them might sound emotional or a bit deep, but they’re written about other people (or even in one case, a couple on a television show that I watched, and I just used a lot of symbolism and cut out the names).

So my goal? To write a song about how I’m feeling. Something that has emotional value directly related to something that I’ve experienced and felt.

Wish me luck, guys!
:) 3 months ago


I have my own life stories… and putting them into music would be good for my “head”... maybe being heard would make me finally relieved, and then I would feel better…. maybe…... I really love music, and it cheers me up everytime…... 17 months ago

cyrus holidayhi...........

i love singing…........ 23 months ago

Valtiel38Slowly but Surely

Got a copy of Reason 5 two month ago, and as of today I’ve written two complete songs in Reason and am working on a third. Using the drum machines and wiring panels confuse the hell out of me, but I want to try my best to master this program and make beautiful music with it. 2 years ago

Anne ChristensenUntitled

I suck at writing music. I wrote a lot in high school, but most of my work was total crap.

I gave up songwriting after my fiance told me that my lyrics are awful. But one day, my “Taylor Swift complex” will come back to me, and my lyrics won’t be the same crap I wrote when I was growing up. I actually have a ton of ideas at the moment, I just don’t know how to write them down. Maybe I can just improvise somehow. 2 years ago

little_miss_hotlipsI feel like I've lost this and I want it back

Its been a while, been preoccupied with school, grades, work, health issues, family issues.
I should find something within myself in all this, and I do write, I just don’t feel like I’ve captured something someone else can related to when I re-read what I’ve written.
Hope this somehow makes sense. Going to try working towards it. :] 2 years ago


Sometimes I just feel like I hit a road block in my composition. Its like, even when I’m not thinking too hard about it, its hard for me to feel it. 2 years ago

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