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stop being stupid

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For some reason at school i act like im stupid when im really not i cant STOP i really want to but it feels like part of my nature now ugh…. I hope i can stop i dont want to be made fun of and be called the weird girl anymore. 2 years ago

mkbachKeep the past like hard candy

Even if all the mankind was born with one preset, it’s not impossible to reset it all. I want to make myself a better thinker, not the know-it-all type of guy. The kind that can Stop and Delete corrupted errors then Fast Forward to the current Play stage.

If your teeth are weak, don’t eat hard candy. I HAVE TO learn how to say NO.

Not really trusting myself on this, but within 6 months, hope there will be some changes :) 4 years ago


I could probably stop by just not opening my mouth..LOL! 6 years ago


i will start by abserving everything closly so that no one can make a fool of me 6 years ago


As long as you are smart on the inside, being stupid is much more fun. Just not in class… 6 years ago


I did it ! 7 years ago

madaboutyouI never seem to learn this lesson

I need to buckle down on it 8 years ago


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