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We made two bets.
1. With one friend that he’d do some gymnastic tricks he used to do before [and now- can’t] and I’ll do a split by the END OF THE AUTUMN.
2. Another bet with another friend, who said: you can’t do that by the end of the summer :D and I told I will. Bet: 4 beers. 22 months ago

ShesLikeTheWindAlmost there..

I can almost still do a split! 2 years ago

zahirrahmanstill working on it!

got like another few inches to go 2 years ago

ShesLikeTheWindBy the end of this summer..

I should have learned how to so this! 2 years ago

ShesLikeTheWindSo cool!

It looks so cool to do! I want to be able to do it :)

http://gymnastics.about.com/od/trainingadvice/ss/frontsplit_2.htm 3 years ago

sugarlisai wish

hello in sugar. cheerleading tryouts are coming up in a couple of months and i really want to complete my spit im only like 3 inches away…...got any ideas on how to help 3 years ago


I want to do splits because everyone in my team can and the teachers are always mad at me because I cant. Im almost there. 3 years ago

orange101learn to do the splits

well im only 14 and today i jst randomly decieded i wnted to learn to the splits i strted off jst streching and pushing down down and down in the left leg split and well now im only jst a fwe inches off going dwn totaly so basicly ITS POSSIBLE TO DO THE SPLITS IN AT LEAST 2-3 DAYS JST STRECH TRY SPLITS STRECH TRY SPLITS AND STRECH OVER AND OVER AGAIN IGNORING THE PAIN AND BEING DETERMIND !! GUDD LUKK :) XXXXX3 years ago


i want to do a split badly! mi friends kno how 2 do one….but i dont. so i try 2 stretch…..but it doesnt help. this mite help though! 3 years ago

amllio123learn to do a split


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