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triple my reading speed

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Awesome! The work I could get done with this ability 4 weeks ago

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within next 4 years try to focus just on reading while reading 6 months ago

suntankittyWorking hard can get you everywhere you want to go

Reading is one of my favorite things to do but if I’m not reading something that gets me hooked than it feels like it takes me DECADES to finish reading!
If I could triple my reading speed I wouldn’t need to spend 30 minutes or more looking for a good book that catches my eye. So from now Sep 19 to Dec 19 I’m going to work on tripling my reading speed! 7 months ago

Emma2277want to achieve this

I like reading but easily get distracted by outside noises even the tick of a clock, especially when I read something not very fascinating~~

I wonder I can I achieve this, I admire those people who could read anywhere. 9 months ago

eedison edisonhunt for knowledge

i want to read fast enough and understand about knowledge that helps me to become an inventor like davinci and Archimedes, in order to do this i must learn and understand a lot hence i want to learn to read fast. 11 months ago

tsgtalford62faster reading and better comprehension

I like to read, but I am, I guess, like most in that I am particular about what I read. I think first off, that in order to speed up my reading, I have to comprehend the material. I have a couple of books about speed reading, and have tried the exercises, but I still haven’t picked up much speed. Another point taken from that last sentence is (I tried the exercises). In order for improvement to take place, there has to be a goal. One needs to set out a time to do the exercises each day, and check the progress. 13 months ago

sbhumi3 cheers

keep it up. 14 months ago

SpookyCakes181 wpm

I am an avid reader, so that 181 wpm (according to http://www.myreadspeed.com) is really sad, considering 200 is the average. I want to be able to read more books in a shorter amount of time.

I set this as my personal challenge to be completed in 3 weeks. I want to be able to read 543 wpm or greater according to http://www.myreadspeed.com

I figure this will help me with one of my New Year’s resolutions, too, which is to read 20 classic novels in 2013.

We’ll see how it goes! 16 months ago


I want to be able to read beyond 1000 wpm comfortably with 90% comprehension. 17 months ago

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