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Ive been working on this goal since the new year. I have lost some weight but its going to take me a while before I get down to 125. 4 weeks ago

britanny141Anyone with about 10 pounds to lose?

Looking for a diligent diet/exercise buddy to keep each other accountable. I am at 135 right now so ideally someone that has about the same amount to lose. 1 month ago

acjayhawkStay Under Calories For the Day

When I look back at when I was successful with losing weight, I realize that I was actually diligent about staying under my calories for the day. I already do all the work by tracking it all with my Lose It App. Now, I just need to stop cheating! 13 months ago

acjayhawkEat All Meals Prior to 7:00 PM

I used to do this with no problem. Lately, I have a horrible habit of snacking on something when I get home from the gym. I shall remedy this! I believe this has been a huge factor in why I haven’t done that great with my weight loss lately. I don’t even think I’m hungry and it’s more of a psychological thing. Yikes, I gotta get this under control. No more evening snacking for me! 13 months ago

acjayhawk139 Pounds

I currently weigh 139 pounds. I had gotten down to 131 last fall, so I know I can do it again. The Lose It App has been a wonderful resource to track calories and exercise. I believe upping my protein intake and lowering my carbs will be the impetus to my success! Also, spring is approaching and I’m sure the pounds will fall off when we start hiking again. 14 months ago

eglassmanStrength + health over weight, but weight counts too

I care about feeling good, being healthy, being strong and looking like I am healthy too. The former things in the list count the most, but when I eat better and lower my body fat, I get the latter benefit too. 15 months ago

bfalksstarting up!!!

so I’m going to try and follow up on this and see how far i can go. I’m a21 year old female that a year ago suffered from a car accident leading to breaking basically my whole body from my face down to ankles. Leading to from going from a 3 sport college athlete to no sports (hence the whole 25 lbs weight gain). ill be intrigued to see if this can help and learn from you guys as well! 16 months ago


The first day that I got home for the summer, I weighed – wait for it – 124.8. !!!!!!!!
But then the moment passed, of course, and now I’m hovering around 128, with brief forays up to 131. Ugh.
It never ends. 21 months ago

michymeowsyouGoal 125

i weigh 135 and 5’5 my goal is to loose 10 pounds. or at least 15. in less then one month i need motivation and help! 23 months ago


ugh gained instead of lost. not quite sure where to go from here but all I know is I can’t give up. It’s New Year’s Eve and I’ll just see this as a fresh start. 2 years ago

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