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improve my english

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fadzli_malaysiaImproving my vocabulary

I guess I’ll read the dictionary more often. 4 days ago

fadzli_malaysiaTalk to myself in English more often

Mastering a foreign language is not an easy feat especially when you’re living in an environment where people speak in their native language. Speaking and writing are two different art. Speaking requires practice and vast vocabulary at your disposal. Not to mention the correct pronunciation. I guess I’ll have to speak in English more often. 2 weeks ago

DyniaKlau43 things :)

This site helps me to improve English because I write here in this language :) After session I’m going to read a book in English. 2 months ago


I’ll start reading books in English and I’ll note the unknown words- and I’ll study them after reading! I’ll do this once a week, starting from tomorrow! 3 months ago


I have finished the book “Angela’s Ashes” and have just started with “Life of Pi” 5 months ago


I had this goal a bit abandoned. Yesterday I started watching to documentaries in English, no subtitles. It has been quite a time without doing this… I hope it helps both with my comprehension and pronunciation. Plus I’m learning stuff about subjects I’m interested in! ;-) 10 months ago

amaniaHow intonation can change the meaning of a sentence (video)

I found something useful and interesting. I recommend watching this short, 11-min video about English pronunciation and intonation:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-0G_yZfXJUQ 10 months ago


I think I have a pretty good english pronounciation, but my vocabullary is a little poor.
I would like to increase my english vocabullary to be able to understand more when I read something, watch a movie or listen to a song. Hopefully one day I will be able to have conversations in english as easy as I talk in my native language.
The only problem is that most people have bad pronounciation and there are many classes that are aimed to theese people, but I haven’t seen classes aimed to people with poor vocabullary.
I hope I can find something like that or some class that is more about writing, because it would inevitably end up focusing more on vocabullary. 11 months ago


laufh 13 months ago


laufh 13 months ago

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