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purchase a new car

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My current car has a ridiculous amount of miles on it, and mechanical issues. Getting a newer car will help me with job opportunities and keep me from breaking down on the side of the road! Time to save up! 11 months ago

MichelleFinally did it!

I bought a ‘07 Pontiac G6. I broke my old car’s front strut somehow. The spring snapped in two, so I figured why pay to get it repaired when I was trading it in soon anyway. 6 years ago


I’ve never owned a brand new car. I’ve had an ‘83 Chevy Caprice, ‘96 Ford Mustang, and a ‘02 Ford Focus. I’m planning to get a brand spankin’ new Pontiac G6 within the next year or so. I can’t wait! 7 years ago

LaylersBye bye Delorian

I finally got rid of my old car that was as old as me and I had never been happier than the moment I turned it over to my sister to enjoy! -8 years ago


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