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This took extremely long! I personally do not enjoy Chinese food so I had to get fortunes from my friends or take them when my family ordered! It took a long time, but I finally rounded up some good fortunes! :) 4 years ago

nicoleIf I actually ate Chinese food...

this goal wouldn’t take so long and I wouldn’t have to ask my friends for their fortune cookies all the time. It’s been 3 months since I last updated about this goal and at that time I had 29. After 3 months, I’m up to 38 fortunes… only 9 more fortunes? I’m slackin. 6 years ago

SaraLuWhowho?I used to save them just out of...

insanity. I guess. I never eat the cookies – but I get all superstitious about everyone opening theirs and reading it. Sometimes you think someone else got yours – and what could result of that freak of fate!! (oo noooo) I used to save them all and never in one place so they bubble up from time to time still. Something about those little bits of omniscient paper… 6 years ago

nicoleTear the plastic, crack open the cookie...

So I’m a little more than half way there- I have 29 saved up, either stored in a tiny box, taped to a page inside my scrapbook, and my favorite one taped to my computer monitor.

Fortune cookie fortunes are so fun, seriously. I love the joy I feel when I’m beginning to chop on the cookie and straigtening out the paper to read what my fortune says.

Hah, I’m gay, shut up. 6 years ago


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