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avianseLegal Career

I have always wanted to be a Lawyer and believe that is my path. I have been researching types of law and have Narrowed it down to Intellectual Property Law and Environmental Law. Intellectual Property Law has a great deal of private sector prospects working in a corporation. Plus I could work in a university or gov. agency. 16 months ago

ABrashier01Step in the right direction

I have chosen a field that I found to be seemingly important in the lives of the public, and quite lucrative. I’m doing research, and have shifted and focused my schooling on Healthcare Management. Anybody have any experience in this field, or any suggestions? Good luck to everyone trying to figure out theirs’, As I was happy to get a light in the right direction. 3 years ago

ned99Pick a career

before i fall into something i hate doing. i need to find something i like to do 4 years ago

JRahibcFZEasier said than done.

Its very hard to pick a career. I’m at the point in my life where I really need to buckle down and start thinking of something. I know a lot of people go into school undecided but i would really rather have one picked out and have my mind set on it. That would make my class selection so much easier and it would help me pick classes that might have more of an impact on my career of choice.

Its difficult because I see all the people around me that have one and are completely set on something. When i talk to some people they ask me what I love to do, then they tell me to think of something around that to do. I find that difficult because along with doing something I enjoy I want to have a stable career so I can support a family with the way the economy is today.

I do have a dilemma on my hands because I really enjoy helping people but I don’t see myself as a doctor, I couldn’t deal with dying people. Also I really enjoy doing manual labor, which I guess I could do around the house. I still have some time but I really need to come up with something fast. 5 years ago


Not to optimistic but I’m working on it. Maybe Transcriptionist….. 6 years ago


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