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I have finally bought a camera and am now snapping pictures left and right! 11 months ago

The Chocolate Girl!Click!

I consider this goal done. I have a very good camera on my phone. Which takes good pictures. Since Im just an amateur in photography, I seem to find no need to buy a separate gadget. Maybe later, for now Im happy with my phone camera. 12 months ago


Buy a cheap, used, camera first. (I want to see if I like photography) 12 months ago

convoswplantspoint and take

got a canon 320 hs! definitely different than i was planning originally, but it was cheap. i got an extra charger and two extra batteries for it so i can go on adventures. 12 months ago

convoswplantslens creep

i’m worried about damage to my lenses due to exposure to humidity and salty air. i think for now i’ll buy a cheap point-and-shoot that’ll get the job done. 12 months ago

convoswplantsdamn consumerism

i want a lumix gx1 with the stock lens. then i want the olympus body lens cap that doubles as a bizarre 15mm/f8 because it’s cheap and it’d be fun to play with. finally, i’d like the lumix 20mm, but i don’t think i’ll be able to afford it unless i get a good deal. 12 months ago

deborahm83Fantastic new camera

Must learn functions 22 months ago


and maybe take a photography class??? 2 years ago


My friend has everything for her camera so I might abandon this mission… 2 years ago

thekidthatfallsThis is important because...

We need a camera to start our webshow. We need money and our plan was either sell art rob a bank sell our friend into prostitution or steal money from friends…Kidding…But we need $ We have less than $40 we need like $120 or get my friend to get a cable for her camera. 2 years ago

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