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build an extension to my kitchen

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comixminxActually moving onward

One of the Party Wall Agreement letters has finally been received back! And we will be discussing the other with the remaining neighbours this week, hopefully. 4 years ago

comixminxQuite a lot more done on this now

Final design agreed and planned out, with estimated costs and a breakdown of the architect fees for various stages.

Have also submitted the design to the appropriate people and they have confirmed that this counts as ‘permitted development’ and hence doesn’t need planning permission!

Next stage is to take design up to ‘ready to tender’ stage I think she said.

Also, have spoken to both neighbours who agree in principle that it all sounds ok for them to approve, but I still need to sort out a party wall agreement. Gulp! 6 years ago

comixminxMet the architect the other day, agreed overall final design

Which is great. She still has to update her copy of the design, resend it, and do a breakdown of estimated costs of a) the project, and b) the architect costs. Obviously this will be very ballpark figures but the aim is for me to see how roughly much I’d have to borrow on my mortgage… And then the next step is to go for planning permission (lasts for 5 years).

I also need to talk to the other neighbour to get a party wall agreement, and to start thinking about the kitchen design and the sort of flooring I might want (probably organize it separately, or perhaps through the kitchen people). 6 years ago


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