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GumersindaNew job

I’ve been for almost 3 years in this company and there’s no opportunity to grow professionally here. I’m starting to get bored about doing always the same. I need a change. 1 week ago


I stumbled across a job the other day, looked familiar, definitely something I could do, submitted my application, but really couldn’t be bothered with the ‘optional application letter’ so I didn’t. I’m not seriously looking until my mum has gone home, so it didn’t bother me if I applied or not.

Anyway, I received an email asking if I would be available for a chat regarding my application, that was this morning, the guy sounds hopeful and thinks I will be an asset to the company.
I had a bunch of forms to fill out, I’ve done that and we’ll see how we go.
Well paid role in Quality Assurance, I didn’t think I would end up in this field again, but it’s something I know, so why fight it right?... 4 weeks ago


Got a lead on a $17 an hour (starting wage) work-from-home position doing tech support, full benefits, full or part time. This is obviously beyond ideal. I want this bad.

Need to get my resume and cover letter in gear for this and get my home connection spruced up so it can handle the connection/speed requirements. The latter is a pretty major concern right now—internet is slow and spotty in my bedroom, and I’m worried my living room would be too noisy for a phone job. Really concerned that the fix is going to be an $80 router for a job I don’t know I’ll get.

But damn it, this is definitely worth kicking into high gear for. 1 month ago

AlienmartNeeded more from life then a job

No, I’m not talking do nothing mooch of the system bull crap. But I found no actual fulfillment in just a job. I needed something that meant something. A passion. There is more to life than money. 1 month ago

rosstaCareer of my dreams

Sandbox to make millions. 1 month ago


This goal changes so much, but essentially stays the same.
I need a new job now because we have decided to spend a year overseas, and I’m not working.
I need to work, I thought I could manage with not, but really, I need to work to keep my sanity. 1 month ago



  • Enough hours to live on. This is cutting out about half the open positions I find. Everyone’s hiring on-call/part time.
  • At or above my current pay. Absolute must. I can’t clear expenses if I take a cut. The exception would be going down to minimum wage if I was guaranteed 5 days a week—then I’d be coming out ahead compared to here.
  • Benefits or enough for me to afford decent health insurance.
  • Not swing shift. I would never see my family and transportation would be at its absolute fewest options.

Would be awesome:

  • Stay in something treatment-oriented or similarly outreach-oriented.
  • Reasonably nearby; I’m not expecting the fabulous 10-minute walk I’ve got now, but it would be nice to find something in the area and not commute an hour from bus to bus for someplace like the Valley.
  • Days instead of graveyards. I can do it, obviously, but I miss having a normal schedule.

Possibly asking too much:

  • Paid to watch Netflix in my pajamas. 3 months ago


Started my bew job on 1 December. So it obviuosly took me longer than planned and it is a different job from what I originally thought. But it was a good choice. I enjoy the work a lot more, I am heading a small team and i am getting some good things done. It is a lot though – long hours and work that never stops. Next year I want to focus more on my private life. 4 months ago


I’ve been applying for 3 or 4 jobs a week for a while now, and have had a couple of interviews, but so far no luck. So now I have registered my CV with an employment agency nearby. The lady was lovely and seemed optimistic, so fingers crossed! 5 months ago

Optionally_MineWorking Conclusion ..

I’ve been at this job a month now and am thinking it suits me near perfectly .. Working in a housing department looking after vulnerable adults mostly with learning difficulties, I have 18 clients all with varying needs, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn something new and I can think of nothing more rewarding than working with the vulnerable.

Of course nothing is perfect, the areas are run down, I have to watch my back whilst walking under maggots trees, technological systems have their not so smart days and the traffic crammed traveling can be very tiresome but I feel I have taken 10, 20, 30 steps forward.

Its been a long two years since I made the decision to change the job I had become to complacent with for 10 years and what a journey its been .. frustrated tears of time consuming job searching, financial worries nearly had me losing my home, working some time for a wage so not funny its laughable, its been an experience for sure .. putting myself out there doing new things meeting new people and making a really good friend helped me to keep the faith and never give up with hope I have arrived at a new journey where the possibilities are endless I am where I want to be. 6 months ago

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