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learn how to irish step dance

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astroballerinaGolden Weekend

I love Irish Dance. It is beyond cool. I’m so glad that I started taking this weekly class with my sister. We did our first dance competition this weekend, and we both took home medals! I won 3 golds! Of course, there’s less competition in the “adult beginner” category, but I’m still pretty proud of us. It makes me feel like a real dancer. 18 months ago


My sister and I just took our first Irish Dance class. We tried an instructional video a couple of years ago but it didn’t really keep our interest, so now we’re going to try the real thing. Here goes…! 2 years ago


I myself danced for a good 5/6 years when i was younger, absolutely adored it and miss it so. I highly recommend it. 4 years ago

astroballerinaStep by (irish) step

My sister and I couldn’t find a class in our area. So we bought an instructional video and we’ve committed to doing it together twice a week. I love the music and the jigs. Hopefully, this will prepare us for caeli dancing! 4 years ago


For along time now I always wanted to learn irish dances. Another reason why I want to learn irish dancing is because I am part irish and I was born on saint patricks day. 4 years ago

aaskinnnI've always wanted to learn!

I’m almost 16 and I’ve always thought that I was too old to Irish dance because most dancers my age have been dancing since they were really young. Even though I’ll probably be in classes with really young kids, I think that I am going to go ahead and sign up in the spring :) 5 years ago

astroballerinaall things Irish

When I finish my African Dance class (which I adore), I’m going to look for an Irish Dance class. The music is just so much fun!! And this is something I could do with my sister, who loves Ireland. 5 years ago


trye 5 years ago

aod211Step Dance

I think it is so cool how those little girls and buff guys get up on stage a perform this unique style of dance. I would be nice to learn a few moves. 6 years ago

sammybear18i know how to

ive done irish dancing for 9 years 6 years ago

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