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learn to design clothes

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I want to start my own clothing line.Sell it exclusively through my sales reprentatives like avon. My goal is to help low-income women become financially independent without sacrificing their relationship with their family. 16 months ago


nothing 4 years ago


I hope this will serve actually!!! 4 years ago

boodyzMust Design

iam an artist.. i draw & design but have no experience no idea how to design clothes 5 years ago


I love to draw and design clothes i also think up of all sort of things of how i want my designs to look, i really want to be working internationally and i want to become famous. 5 years ago

sosso85learnin how to be big designer

i want lear how can i be designer i love to be 5 years ago


i really want to learn how to design clothes 5 years ago

MrrltjeI'd love to design!

I’d love to design but I’m not sure how exactly. 5 years ago

qusongbegan to dp sth!!!

begun taking the SHICC lessons 6 years ago


dreams are hard to follow, may be at the moment i have to put it off. 7 years ago

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