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tribute_to_erasmusI was given an "Acting PM-04" position for the next 4 months

Iwas surprised when my bosses called me into their office and announced that they wanted to recognize my hard work and dedication with an Acting PM-04 position for the next 4 months, and, if budgets allowed it, to renew it into the new fiscal year. In government lingo, this means that i get to do work at a level above my current one (PM-03), and get paid at the higher rate as well.

I was flattered and very excited by the offer and accepted. While I believe I’ve earned it (I have been doing the work for nearly 1 year without being compensated for it), Salary budgets and job losses into he last year had made it seem like a complete impossibility.

At the same time, it was bitter sweet because a few weeks ago I finally resolved that it was time for me to make a career move out of my current field (access to information) and into my field of study (policy). I would hate to have to show my appreciation for their recognition by telling them that I want to move to another office. At the same time, I would be moving into a different field, so I don’t think they could hold that against me, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. Still, it’s a strange feeling. I need to work this out for myself for now. In the meanwhile, I’m happy for the temporary promotion; it’s definitely an ego boost :-) 6 months ago

Rosie VictoryIn one year??

I have been with my current company for 1 year and 2 months, exactly. I love it! And, in that time, I have received 2 promotions. One was seasonal, and then I went back to my former duties. And, recently, I received a permanent promotion. I began this new job last week. It is a big learning curve—so much to learn! I want to get extremely good at what I am now doing. I want to become known as being extremely efficient, reliable and knowledgeable in this new position. After that, I’ll go for another step up! I’m thinking this will be in about a year from now. 11 months ago


I got promoted to a full time Curriculum Developer at my previous job (I just never updated this, eh…) How did I do it? Worked my ass off! XD And kept myself thinking positively about the future and the things I was learning in my previous position. In fact, I did this twice over AND got a new job with a new, more famous and amazing company. I’ve been promoted again AND I think I’ll be managing others pretty soon. Amazing. 12 months ago


So glad that I waited rather than getting impatient and taking anything even half a step closer to what to want. I now have the promotion that I really wanted, on my own division.. With the account that I love. Now trying to recruit to replace my old role, reporting into me! Eek, surreal! 15 months ago

PepperyJasmine9.6 promotion

it’s probably not very likely this will happen any time soon, i’m sort of on thin ice as it is with my job… however adding this as a goal will help me to focus on my job and remind me that working hard is important and remember to prepare for work and plan what i am going to do, and work hard each day. 19 months ago


I do believe that I will someday get a promotion…or…failing that, someday I will have my own business and run things the right way. However, due to things beyond my grasp and comprehension I am being singled out at work. Yesterday I worked lunch shift for someone and dropped a container of salsa this mistake was interpreted as me being “sarcastic” . During my evening shift I was told that I am on “sudden death probation” meaning that at any point in time a manager can send me home/fire me for any reason. I have only ever had one write up (that was improperly filled out mind you) and I honestly do not believe that I have made any actions that warrent this type of response. I was also told that my voice is the issue. I guess because I am not overly chipper people assume I am angry. my manager yesterday evening said that when I am angry my “anger shows” on the line in regards to yesterday afternoon. However, I was in a great mood yesterday so this does not even apply.

I have a lot of problems with this store. I will be calling HR later today to voice these concerns.

I will also be carrying an audio recording device with me.

I will not ber singled out for no reason. 21 months ago

JaneMarieDoing well...

at work. The Girl who was up for a promotion before me put in her two weeks notice. So, with any hope I will be a supervisor soon enough. 21 months ago

MoonJannieI have to change this goal.

A promotion is out of the question now. The company will probably close the doors soon. 23 months ago


My husband is trying to get a job in another city… So maybe this is my opportunity to “promote” into a different position? And different entity?

Looking forward to the future! 2 years ago


I’m currently in a position where I like my job, but I don’t have guaranteed hours or benefits. Wish me luck! I’m hoping to get a promotion within my current department so as to keep doing what I like :) 2 years ago

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