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I’ve been persistent with codecademy 10 months ago


I know some HTML basics, but I just don’t care much about getting better at it at this time. 22 months ago

jaklumenPractice at We Heart Music and elsewhere

Coding/programming just doesn’t come easily to me; I have been at it for a period spanning about 20 years.

But as I write for a music blog, I do feel motivated to step up my skills just a bit. The guy that runs WHM seems a natural at it—he did a lot with VOX’s crappy interface and still fixes my little mistakes even though TypePad’s interface (where the blog is primarily hosted currently) is better and formatting is a lot easier.

I did have to tell him I had some basic HTML knowledge when I asked for help, but I got some useful pieces to study (again). I’ll have to be more diligent at committing commands to memory. 2 years ago


I always wanted to learn to make HTML layouts. 2 years ago

zura284Letting go this goal

Letting it go. I have more oppotunities in other areas and i can pay people to do the web 2 years ago

Deborah NicholasUntitled

After 2 years, I finally completed my Associates. In the process I learned HTML and absolutely enjoy it! 2 years ago

Bradley AndersonThat's what I get...

I ignored this one too long, and now 4 of my sites have been hacked. And guess what? NO BACKUP! Have to re-create everything from scratch, which will take weeks.

The good news, though, is that I finally figured out why my sales had dried up literally overnight. Grrrrrr!

Silver lining: I’ve learned a LOT about the inner workings of Wordpress, and I’ll be able to make the site better than ever.

[EDIT – 06/30/2011] Evidently, I removed all the offending code. In the last 2 days, I have made almost $100, so it looks like my affiliate links are tracking correctly again. :) 2 years ago


Makes my life a hell of a lot easier! 2 years ago

AylaSo far so good

I have my resume in html format. 2 years ago


Well, this is going quickly. Now it is off to advanced topics. 3 years ago

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