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figure out where all the people like me are hiding


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WewantsunshineBehind their computers it was;-)

Good that I’m working for a software company… 1 month ago

Mariait's simple...

...i jus’t don’t need to find them anymore, or even know if they exist.
I accept myself as i am, and i learn to accept everyone else as well.
:) 5 months ago

Cassandra KingHow I did it

One day I woke up and realized that no matter where you go, everyone is going to be different. You just have to open your eyes and realize that people like us are hidden everywhere.
I’m more of the quiet type, and by studying people and their reactions to things I decided who to spark a conversation, and later a friendship with.
The only road block is your mind, you have to realize you pick your friends. Literally. Who you decide to talk to is entirely up to you, and eventually (over time) those conversations will lead to friendships that can withstand anything you hurl at it. Just don’t try to force a friendship. Start of talking every now and then, and eventually it will lead to longer conversations.
Trust me, everything will work out and fall into place. 10 months ago

daiquonim scar

i study chi/ki i like anime and weapons. 2 years ago

MetamorphisSo far this year I have found 2 like minded people...

...Which is a huge deal for me!!

I took a leap of faith and joined a group of people who began the journey of Julia Cameron’s course ‘The Artist’s Way’.
There were about 6 of us in total to begin with, with only three of us left now, and I can confidently say I have been fortunate to meet two of the loveliest people around!

It’s great :)
Hope to mee tmore and expand and grow my family in the years to come :) 3 years ago


wow…being on this site has really opened my eyes. I went to a NY ranger game last night in manhattan, met a chill dude from Germany who just came here by himself to check out NY and we ended up drinking Guinness till 3 am…its not that difficult to find people like you get along with as long as your will to go out and make the effort i guess :) 3 years ago

Witty44Sick of the click

Been trapped living as the person everyone expects me to be. I am a personal trainer who has always lived the “healthy” way according to our nation. Within the past year I’ve rediscovered health and how to truly live.
This had made me re-analyze other aspects of my life including who I spend the majority of my time with and have found that most of my friends are friends out of circumstance and convienience.

I’d like to find people who aren’t necessarily like me, but that I’d TRULY enjoy there company and vice versa.


-love keeping the elderly company and making them laugh
-want to live without technology for a year
-enjoy board games
-start physical therapy graduate school in 4 months
-love trying new things, anything and everything
-like to people watch: (im a social psych grad)
-want to work in disney world
-am amazed by the efficiency and anatomy of the human body.
-respect nature
-like trying trying foods from other countries
-think everything about a woman is beautiful
-wish i was born in 1920
-cannot wait to be a father
-need a fan on to sleep
-wish cell phones didn’t exist
-i want to have chickens and a garden later in my life
-love acoustic music
-enjoy a good ghost story
-need to be alone sometimes
-could eat sushi for every meal
-wish i had an irish accent…or said eh’ like the canadians
-think people should know more about the history of the world (even though i don’t yet)
-am so intrigued by everything Mayan 3 years ago


im looking for someone to talk to XD

1.People that like to fight.
2.People that talk to you once, Then forget about you.
3.people that like annoying dj music

1.People that i can make laugh and vice versa
2.People that won’t make fun of my spelling mistakes :)
3.People that like to talk about there feelings :P
4.People that don’t really care about the “outside world”
5.People that are musicly talented (Spelling mistake) :P
6.people that won’t just talk about sex


1.People that want to talk to me no matter what the time.
2.People that watch comedy movies XD
3.People that can’t figure out how to use “bold” on this webiste :| 3 years ago

militant_freethinkerA few things about myself :)

I have my doubts about connecting to someone on the internet. I strongly protect my privacy and initiating friendships with people I know nothing about, the fact that they are not present physically for me to verify their existence, makes me a little wary. But a narcissistic egomaniac that I am, I will put forth a few of my salient characteristics in the false hope that someone might read it and relate to it, and a deep relationship might ensue.
(1) I love to read. I grew up reading Enid Blyton. I used to read a lot of fiction when I was in school including Stephen King, Paulo Coehlo and everything in between. As I grew older, I started leaning toward the more intellectual, mainly non-fiction, anything from evolutionary theory and popular science to political history, my favorite being the enlightenment era and the late 1700s during the times of the American revolution and the great founding fathers of America. Oh and I also love science fiction (Dune, baby!)
(2) I don’t like sports; never keep up with it but I love to run and bike and I love the fresh, open air. Hiking is good too.
(3) I am a minimalist. I only keep things I need and love being organized.
(4) I love deep, intellectual conversations with people. I despise small talk, possibly because I am not good at it but I love getting to know people on a deeper level.
(5) I love strong, black coffee and a good cigarette. Djarum Black cloves were awesome until the government decided to hijack my rights to smoke it because apparently it isn’t good for my health and I, as an adult, am incapable of making health-related decisions for myself.
(6) I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I guess that makes me a libertarian if you really need to put a label on me.
(7) I am also what most people might call an Atheist Agnostic although I am open-minded enough to consider and debate a differing (theist) opinion, much to the dismay of the logical portion of my brain. 3 years ago

geri williamsonUntitled

I moved to another city to live at the age of 45+ Wish I could have done it in my early 20’s but nevertheless; I did it. Just to see that people are really different to some extent in other places became real to me. 3 years ago

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