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Got the sink down. Now declutter 15 min a day.

1. Shine your sink.
2. Declutter 15 minutes every day. 2 months ago


shine your sink. Okay. I can do that.
1. Shine your sink 3 months ago

DancingShadow1105Yay me?

Well my mom died went 2 live with dad he got me we went 2 airport i got in plane we took off scared the livin chit outa me when we hit turbulance landed drove 3 hrs home nov 27 2012 my mom died 2 days after my 14th b day nov 17 so.. yeah waz it wrth it NO. 10 months ago


hey guys i will make your life better! follow me on twitter my username is Make Life Better. Thx please follow me 14 months ago


Did this last summer :). It was a really nice experience ^^ 15 months ago


i got the sensation of flying 2day when i was standing on top of r schools crappy playground… its so high and i was holding myself up on 2 poles with my arms so my feet weere off the ground. i felt so high up and there was wind… i wonder if thats what it feels like 2 fly… like theres nothing ever restraining you.. well except 4 gravity… and like a lotta other things but u know… haha ;) 16 months ago


hey guys! i keep thinking of how nice it would be to fly! i mean technically i already am “flying” but thats in cheering… im trying to get my twist up reload. its hard! anyways i want 2 REALLY fly! llike soaring above treetops flying. i dont know if this is possible but maybe it is… 16 months ago

sparkles567813do i need wings?

I really want to reach this goal… I was wondering… do u have 2 have wings 2 fly? Im working on growing mine but since they arent here yet, is it really possible to levitate/fly without wings? how can you do it? im curious about this… lol.
-may^^ 16 months ago

tiffanyHumans are so ignorant...

shakes head20 months ago

Ryan LillardReally though :)

Who wouldnt…it would have been a great step in evolution had we not invented the wheel damn it!!! If a bat is a mammal and just over time can fly well so can I . 21 months ago

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