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nawatramaniImmediate goal

I finally managed to get my resume updated in a format suitable for my certification needs which was the most critical need for the moment. I am happy that is done. I do need to get my “official” resume updated so I will leave this on my list for now. But the sword of Damocles no longer threatens! 1 month ago

PinkAmaryllisAlmost done...

its just such a pain having to rewrite it for each job! 5 months ago

dc_mercutioMajor re-write

Did some great edits this weekend and finally feeling good about how my resume is looking. Still needs a little tweaking but its much improved. 7 months ago


I need an updated resume to complete my certification process so now the need is critical. Got to target this for completion within the next 10 days. 8 months ago

BarbResume Updating

I realize it’s been 15 years since I updated my resume. I haven’t applied for a job in that long. While the job I am applying for this coming week doesn’t require a resume, I think having a current resume is important anyway.

So, I have purchased Resume maker, to make my life easier. I already used it to write a cover letter, so the rest should be easy, right? 11 months ago


finished just need to get all my references together now 12 months ago


gotta get this done today 12 months ago

moniiawork in progress..

Decided to apply for a part time job with the Campus Recreation. I really enjoy working for the Campus Police Department but since I’m only an extra, I can’t get any more hours. It doesn’t help that I’m the only one there that doesn’t have someone related to me on the force. But hopefully everything goes well during the meeting. After which means that I will hand in my cover letter, resume, and application. Which explains this entry post. Once I get back to campus I’ll visit the Career Center to go over my resume before my meeting.

This is all is getting a bit overwhelming, the idea of having two part time jobs along with being a full time student and the responsibilities I have with different clubs and RSOs. ughh..

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.13 months ago


This is one of those depression/anxiety WALL OF OVERWHELMING tasks every time I look at it. Time to break it down into ridiculously small chunks.

  • Base cover letter
  • Job history
  • Housekeeping skill set
  • Clerical skill set
  • Medical/treatment skill set
  • Training dates
  • References13 months ago


I’m working on this now. It’s annoying because I have to make different versions of it for different jobs I’m interested in. I’m pretty much a resume expert by now because of all of my job searching so you’d think I would be used to it! 15 months ago

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