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me and my friend worked out that on my £30 a week from college next year, it will take me 30 weeks to save for the vintage classic lambskin jumbo xl flap ;)

I’ll just have to sort of live in poverty for a bit, haha. :) 4 years ago


After seeing Jessica Alba and her classy Chanel bag, I fell in love! I think this is the only splurge I could ever afford…but it would be so worth it. :) 4 years ago

taylllllorrChanel Bag .

I want one so badddd :)
my friend has one, & it
is adorableeee, i wish
i had the money ! 5 years ago


I would like to sell my Chanel Classic Flap Bag, it is the medium sized one, does anyone know how much it is worth? 5 years ago


My goal is to buy a quilted flap bag in a larger size in bright green or lime green. 5 years ago


Where can I find this Chanel bag? 5 years ago


im never gona be able to afford this 6 years ago

Ginger Spice.1 Bag, 2 Bag, Black Bag...

Okay, Chanel bags are gorgeous! Plus they are very durable as well. However, every girl in my city has been carrying one lately. I mean it would be fine, but most of them have the fake China town bought plastic ones that look awful. You can get a good high-quality replica (or if you’re lucky enough the real deal) that looks 110% better. 6 years ago


The main thing keeping me from my goals is money, what a bitch. 6 years ago


Does anyone know where I can get a cheap Chanel bag or what website?? 6 years ago

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