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i am from a village in vally,there is much beautiful natural scenery,and i want fo make friends by Skype.Since i need you!
The Skype ID:willier.he 4 months ago


who want to talk in english 14 months ago

ayyani want to talk in english

if some one is ready who want to help me to improve my english ismail.hanjra is my skype id 14 months ago


iam papan intrest to speak eglish 17 months ago


scorpiteoo my skype nick ;) 17 months ago

Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous SufficiencyWay

This is the way GV and I communicate most of the time, as well as me sending him texts to his email. Now I’ve learned how to send him texts to his cell online, but I cannot send text messages to his phone from mine, as that costs too much.

Thank you God for Skype and Microsoft Drivers. 19 months ago

user10732Hi I'm Selly

Hi My name is Selly and I live in south korea.
I Want to practice english so I’m looking for friends to talk on Skype.
My Skype: an.hansol
Please contact me ^^ 2 years ago

paquiLook for foreign people to exchange languages


I´m Spanish and I´m looking for a foreign people to exchange languages. I need to improve my English skill so I´m ready to do it.
Please, contact me trought Skype: paqui 2 years ago

TajLVGotta love the technology

I just spent 30 minutes engaged in a video call via Skype with an old friend in London whom I haven’t seen or talked to since 1997. Crazy good quality and sound. Popping in to say hullo were his daughters, who I last saw when they were aged 9 and 12, now 29 and 32. What’s also amazing is how he found me through a mutual friend that searched us both out via Linked-In. It was fun catching up.

Also, yesterday I used Skype for a text messaging conference call involving a client in Spain and his virtual assistant in Illinois. The three of us were able to share documents, pix and spreadsheets as a group. I’m sold on this as a method of communicating. Great stuff. 2 years ago

angela4306improve my oral english

hi ,I am Angela I am Chinese.I major in English and I want to improve my oral English with everyone who want to pratice English.Also I can teach you chinese and cantonese. 2 years ago

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