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stop being so serious

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Ida MiccioUntitled

I seriously need to take a minute and calm down. Most of my friends tell me that i need to just take a breather but how am i supposed to do that when i dont even know how?! im too friggin young to let stress get to me so ive decided to take more walks and just take out some time to chill :D 3 years ago

mambobotStop being so Serious

Sometimes, I try to joke around with my friends and peers. I try. But I am still way to serious with everything in life. I need to relax and calm down more. :D 3 years ago

memylesNot sure why I take life so seriously

I can’t seem to relax and enjoy life. I even need to learn how to breathe again. Since time is passing, I’ve actually don’t know how to breathe normally. 3 years ago


Sometimes I can relax… but it’s not very commonplace. I always feel like everything I do has to have some larger positive effect subconsciously. Everything has to be “productive”. This is part of the reason why I have such an issue with watching movies (unless they’re in French and my mind is at least getting something out of it). I ALWAYS need a reason for everything I do. I’m always tense or stressed or thinking about what’s next (which is only good in healthy doses) and I just need to… be less serious about EVERYTHING. I’m going to drive myself to be a workaholic/to death if I don’t alleviate this soon… 3 years ago


I really need to chill out 6 years ago


I am so serious & people always tell me that I’m really intense. I’ve justified it by saying that you’ve got to have intense, idealistic people in the world because how else is positive change going to happen. But really I just exhaust myself & others. Must lighten up (without putting too much pressure on myself which will make me more serious…) and stop being so hard on myself. Apart from the really really serious stuff like global warming & the stupidity of certain presidents & prime ministers I’m going to stop taking stuff & things & myself so bloody seriously! 6 years ago

JamSmoothAgain, a lifetime goal

I’m taking this off b/c I feel this is something that is never totally accomplished, at least not for me. I can stive be more playful, joyful and fun. That’s the best I can do! 7 years ago


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