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be a better partner to the man I love

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ActuallyloveI hope I can do this...

I really want to be a better partner to my man. I’ve been difficult, demanding, and critical. He has/had so much love for me, and it seems I’ve killed it with my criticism.

I really really want us to go back to old times. I want to get over my intimacy issues…stop pushing him away. Cultivate romance and passion again.

Is it ever too late? It feels like I’ve pushed him to the edge and we have nothing in common anymore, but it’s also because i’ve pushed him away so much and there’s so much defensiveness in me. The wall of defensiveness needs to come down! 4 years ago


. 7 years ago


It’s so hard to open up and make sense. Everything is just so hard. 7 years ago

mommytoobecause he so deserves it

I’ve got to stop letting the daily grind cause me to be such a grump. He’s been so supportive over the years and put up with a lot of sh_t from me. Why can’t I be one of these women that just goes head over heals everytime their man walks through the door? It’s like I’ve got to put on a tough front or something. But he is the LAST person I need a front with!

Very confusing… 8 years ago

imheresomewhereI'm finally getting it....I think....

I’m learning (not so much by my own choice) that other peoples wants & needs need to come first sometimes & yes, I’m going to say this out loud, are not always the wrong way to go about doing something just because it’s not the way I would have chosen to do it. 8 years ago


Stop expecting him to do things the way I would and start realizing that what I love about him is that he is so much UNlike me. 8 years ago


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