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lipeishan1 month till HSK 4

I only have one month left until the HSK 4! I am studying like crazy! I enjoy it though, its like im finally off this plateau I have been stuck at (because I wasn’t studying anything new) I know I have it in me, it is just a matter of how prepared I will be! I will pass no matter what! :D Excited 2 months ago

lipeishanThe bar has been set!

Today I needed to give myself a goal to work to with Chinese. I gave myself a visible way to see my progress and cheer me towards my goal of complete fluency verbal and written. This is the HSK!!! I haven’t decided if I want to take the HSK 4 or the HSK 5, because I don’t know if I would be able to pass level 5 in only 5 months, especially because of the rapid increase in level. I am concerned though that HSK 4 would be too easy. Who knows, I will take it in the summer! I also even set myself a personal reward if I pass! Can’t wait to start studying! :D 我需要准备好了,很努力学习! 2 months ago


after coming home from china, my chinese has slipped tremendously. i really would like to improve on my chinese language skills. 5 years ago


I thought now that I have time I can make some progress here. Ha! I might need to go to China. 10 years in a Chinese school and I’m still struggling. 5 years ago


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