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stay connected with my grown children


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Another goal that will never be “finished” but I’m going to count it as “well established” and use the 43Things list for more specific, smaller goals. 8 years ago

AdarI feel so blessed...

I had lunch yesterday with the guys, who spent most of the meal teasing each other and me. It’s rare that we get to sit at a table together, and this summer, we’ll be all over the place.

Burgers never tasted so good. 8 years ago


Having dinner with ‘em tonight! 8 years ago

AdarI love my sons...

and I treasure the relationship I have with each of them. We’re not “pals” - I’m Mom - but we love and trust each other.

My relationship with my own parents has been awkward and difficult, and I don’t ever want to let things between me and my own children deteriorate to that point. 8 years ago


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