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RkTkFxSparten Training

I’ve always wanted to film myself training (from my fattest, slowest start point) over the course of 3 or 6 months and see my improvement… all to the song “walk” by Foofighters. 4 months ago


I saw this idea on a blog earlier in the week, but there was a guy who bought a brand new Canon video camera (expensive) and started filming people in his local park.

To get people to participate he gave away a popsicle. That way he had a way of getting people to participate. I had an a-ha moment today about camping. Since I’ll be going on this camping trip next weekend, it would be the perfect opportunity to ask people about camping stories. A little like NPR and this guys idea. They’ll have to take part because there won’t be much else to do.

Plus they’re just plain cool people who will probably have something interesting to say about camping in Canada. I should come up with a script though. I’ll check back in. I’m feeling ambitious about cleaning up my office for being productive. 23 months ago


go on SOCCERextra to see awsome stuff and ansere Q’s about people great and fantastic and formous 2 years ago


gk 2 years ago


I’d really like to make a video just to show I could. It would need to be about something though. I’d never “Vlog” I wouldn’t know what to say. It’d just be me on the camera saying “So… this is my video… em… yeah” and then calling this done.

I’d like it to take a bit of work and have a little substance. We’ll see how this goes. As soon as I have an idea I’ll post again. 3 years ago

frogboy9turtles attack

turtles attack an inaset bat 3 years ago

Shyara Smilez Guerrerodream fallen cast

i really always wanted a video on youtube!!! 3 years ago

StarsdudeMake an art video

The idea of making an art video really interest me. But I wouldn’t know what to do with it once I do make one.

Still I think it would be a neat concept to explore. The downside is video equipment is expensive, and I don’t know if this is something you can make money with, although it would be fun to do. And if I do make it where do I go with it and where do I show it.

I know most people think art videos are weird. To be honest I’ve seen some that I think are weird too, but I’ve also seen some I think were really artful. Part of the appeal for me is to put what I consider to be art onto a video format. Like painting except the camera is your brush. 3 years ago

SuperNorahmake a sample video

will it’s a nice thing to do
but also i want to improve my skills in making video…
i show my video in my youtube channel it’s not that much good but i try , am new in this. 3 years ago

ilovesmichaeljacksonI want to make a video? HOW?!!!!

wth! how do i make a video ?! 3 years ago

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