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Know When To Trust

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me too! And it’s always very easy for me to self doubt too the moment any “betrayal” of trust seems apparent, when it could just be things like the other person’s busy, or whatever. I think I WANT to trust because I WANT to believe everyone is trustworthy, therefore I give my trust away too easily 5 years ago


To tell you, it’s pretty hard to trust people for about 95%. Since I believe in things everybody tells me (I’m a big believer), it’s hard for me when to know that someone’s lying or telling the truth. But then I sometimes (very few times) know when not to trust. I wish I wasn’t a big believer because it makes me look like a big fool. 6 years ago


I wish I had an ability to know when to trust people and who I should trust. But all I can say is that I should never try to trust someone 100% because I might feel like that person betrayed me. If I knew when to trust, I wouldn’t have to think about it too much. But the problem is I can’t show that I don’t trust them. I sometimes show people of what I’m thinking and my feelings. 6 years ago


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