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learn to trust others

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Daniele DuncanTrust

I want to learn to trust others, without fear and uncertainty. I want to allow myself to blindly believe in the possibility of a healthy meaningful relationship. 2 years ago


im not good with trust gotta work on it 4 years ago


I want to trust my girlfriend becuase I love her so much. She hasnt done anything that an apology couldnt fix, but I still have a hard time trusting her fully and whole heartedly.So this one is for her. 5 years ago


i want nothing more than to trust my partner. its not like hes gave me any reason not to trust him i just dont. this probably stems from my insecurities bout my body. i am a picker after all. i do sometimes feel like im not good enough for him. sad really… 7 years ago

Siddhartha110A problem

I need to really work on this, I am always looking for why people do what they do, I need to learn to trust. 8 years ago


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