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go to japan

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I have been nominated for the study abroad exchange program through my current university.
It’ll be a year-long commitment.
I’m terrified.

But I’m going to pursue the next steps, because this summer abroad thing might not work out.
And I don’t have time for things to not work out anymore. 2 months ago


I’ve been trying to finish this study abroad essay for an hour.
It’s due in 5 hours.

I don’t want to study abroad for a semester, I just want the summer.
So many stresses. 2 months ago


I’ve run the numbers more comprehensively and I’m not going to be able to afford to go next year as planned. So frustrating!!! This will probably be a place I go once the mortgage is paid off. 2 months ago


This is a country I have wanted to visit for a long time. Almost 20 years ago I thought about doing a stint in Japan teaching English but I was living overseas at the time and I felt more compelled to come home and start my new life retraining for a new career. Not choosing to have that experience in Japan is one of my few regrets but hey who knows what path I would have eventually taken if I had gone. I guess things work out the way they do for a reason.

Anyway…the Japan trip has been put off for way too long. Yes, it is expensive. Really really expensive. But it’s not going to turn into a budget destination ever so I think I just have to suck that up, start saving and then finally tick off the number one destination on my bucket list. 3 months ago

Pachinko66GStudy Abroad

Applied for a study abroad scholarship about a month ago.
There is only 1 scholarship for the entire program, so it’s super competitive….but I’m pretty sure it’s all mine for the taking. 5 months ago

E4Now27wanted to traval to japan since I was 17

To be honest I have tried various outlets for traveling to Japan From pen pals to the typical teacher program to getting my BA degree in hopes of landing a job over in that country….to no Avail ..however I still cant give up.. this is one of my life long dreams, I can not give up so as a result I am looking at joining the Navy with the hopes that I can have a stable career and free access to travel to japan, in my spare time. I have a deep respect and Admiration for the Japanese culture especially, folk lore, pop culture, Art, tradition , and the customs. yes as of now I have become a little bitter trying to figure out why is it such a struggle for me to get to japan while others can just briskfully travel their with out a thought .. I know its wrong of me to feel this way .. but hopefully The Navy will help me get there And my savings for the trip will be enough for me to go . 13 months ago


I am currently learning Japanese with a language exchange partner. 14 months ago


I am currently learning Japanese, (on my own so it may take longer) because I really want to go to Japan. My dad went there before and he said everyone is polite, a good change from some Americans :P 15 months ago

tokidokizenzen...well, because...

this is what it’s like when you’re there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_j2FHtxB6I 15 months ago

gemkittytrip booked for April..

need to buy suitcases, but railcards and learn some Japanese.. 15 months ago

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