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JadedForeverI Tried Again -

last night!
I bought myself a leopard print eye-mask, but when I went to use it last night it was too tight.

I was ready for bed this time except for pjs, & that’s easy.
I wanted to watch TV.
But I started to feel tired & thought that I should listen to my body.

So I went to bed & couldn’t sleep again…
It’s frustrating listening to my SO snore all night when I can’t sleep.

Maybe I’m just not meant to go to sleep earlier or in bed.

-JF 2 weeks ago

JadedForeverI Tried -

last night!

I was falling asleep on the couch watching TV no problem.
Sleep on the couch, sure.
Take medicine, brush teeth, get ready for bed.
Climb into bed tired & toss & turn & toss & turn…
Sleep in bed, apparently not too well.

-JF 2 weeks ago

JadedForeverUgh -

I really should have done this last night.
I had a bit of a headache.
So I should have gone to sleep, but sometimes I can’t sleep when I have a headache.

I ended up watching PLL’s in bed.
And falling asleep watching anyway.
Last night was mostly a fail.

-JF 2 weeks ago

JadedForeverSleep -

I can’t say that I’ve been trying that hard yet.

-JF 2 weeks ago

JadedForeverUpdate -

I’m doing lousy at this…

-JF 4 weeks ago

Nereidda1 AM

I’m going to sleep earlier and earlier every day. Yesterday I was ready to go to bed at midnight, took a shower at 12:30 and went to sleep at 1. I slept for 8 and a half hours.
I don’t know how it’s happening but I’m finally succeeding! 2 months ago


This year I’d really like to achieve my goal of 1-to-9 sleeping time. Right now, I’m still going to sleep at 2 and waking up at 10. I’m hoping that after my trip, where I’ll be having really early dinners and nights, and after moving and living on my own, I’ll manage to stick to a better sleeping schedule.
As a side goal, I’d like to get up as soon as I wake up and not snooze for a few more minutes. 3 months ago


I’ve made some major lifestyle adjustments in order to get a better night’s sleep. No more caffeine – goodbye coffee and coke. I had a couple of day’s of killer headaches to get through with that but it seems to be paying off. I’m also turning off the computer earlier in the evening and trying to get organised at night so there’s not too much to do in the morning. I read somewhere that you get your best quality sleep before midnight so the idea has been to try and get a couple of good hours in. It hasn’t been easy but I’m hoping it will pay off. 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Happy tired

Headed in for the night – 11 pm seems to be my current norm. Hopefully shift earlier again over the next few days? 4 months ago

Dreamdancer12Wishing you all a peaceful night

Here it is nearly midnight my time…. Want to shift back to early sleep again :) 4 months ago

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