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i dj alot of house parties and some college parties.. its tight ha 4 years ago

Phillip RetutaUntitled

I’ve been listening to a lot of indie/indie dance/electro punk music: Hot Chip, The Rapture, MGMT, Of Montreal, LCD Soundsystem, !!!, Junior Boys, Justice, Crystal Castles, Girl Talk, The Go! Team, etc (throw in a select track or remix by Radiohead, The Clash, or Broken Social Scene). I want to be the guy wearing the big-ass headphones at some small house/apartment party, spinning vinyl, and playing otherwise unfamiliar music (at least “unfamiliar” in the sense of your typical club/bar deep in the city) to indie kids who’ll say, “Hey! You’re playing Blur’s ‘Boys and Girls!’ RAD!”

In essence, I want to DJ a party or venue and have someone appreciate a few of my favorite songs. 6 years ago

DJStrokyFirst (mainly) hip hop djing

One of my good friends asked me to DJ and also managed to convince me that I should play mostly hip hop songs. Now I don’t usually listen to hip hop because I like techno. But, he checked out a bunch of stuff from the library and I burned two cds of some really popular songs I vaguely remember hearing on the radio and at other parties.

I began playing some D12 which actually offended a lot of the guests because of the language in the song and the fact that almost all, no entirely all, of the party guests were Christians. Well anyways, I kept playing hip hop for about 2 or 3 hours straight and by then nobody really was listening to the lyrics except on the songs everyone knows.

But good golly, where can I find a popular hip hop song that isn’t explicit in terms of the general message of the song? Seriously. This is another reason I like techno so much is that I don’t have to take in all the crap that is discussed in nearly all hip hop songs. 6 years ago

disconnecUsed to ...

... throw monthly house parties in my mansion in DC. Always DJ’d, always had a fantastic time. 7 years ago

surpriseattackblasting the music you love must be euphoric

I envy the New York City hipster DJ trio The MisShapes. Life couldn’t be anymore cooler. 8 years ago


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