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There were a bunch of people walking around, ignoring some geese as if they weren’t there, but it was such a rarity that they were there. I wanted to walk to the geese and be near them, so I did. The geese walked up to me to get food, so I dug around in my bag to see if I had any, and I inadvertently drew more attention to them (people naturally want to see what someone else is looking at :)) I did “not care”. I did not look for escape. I did what I wanted, even while people were talking to me and looking. I learned a fact about them from a man. I felt like part of the community, simply for not hiding, and also brave for not escaping from all those people around.

It’s ok to stand out in a crowd. It’s very ok.

I am safe. in a crowd. :)

Feeding the Geese by Aaron Souza

http://www.flickr.com/photos/spw11/5501535625/ 1 month ago

ChristineNot a gloomy goal

Preface: I don’t mean not care about people, animals, etc. I’d never want that. :)

The words “not care” in my head help me not be anxious, accept myself how I am, not take things personally. Appreciate myself. Appreciate my body, appreciate my face, everything. Not mind what someone else thinks of things I cannot change. This is me! And that’s it. I like me.

Bear doesn’t care what people think. It’s amazing. It inspires me. He wonders why I care so much. I don’t want to. It’s not good to care about things that truly have no importance. Opinions are just that. Not care. 3 months ago

my_worldwow almost there..

I realized I stopped caring about a lot of things. I do not take things so seriously anymore. I’ve become very sarcastic and nonchalant. Of course some things still bother me but I’ve come a long way. I’m so proud of myself! 3 years ago

barbar_ellaother people

i use to like hearing about other people’s problems. this is becasue i was sad and listening/helping others is relief for that. but now i don’t care anymore. i don’t want to hear about other people because i know that i don’t know them and they’re not like me, no matter what they seem like.

wishy washy stuff about feelings doesn’t effect me so much anymore. except that now i feel my happiness is more important.

selfishness can be healthy sometimes. this isn’t to say i am an asshole now or want to become one. i am just less emotional now or needy. and thats good. 4 years ago


Indifference is the key to happiness

or at least help achieve happiness.

I need to do this ASAP. 4 years ago


I’ve been loosing up. letting go of things. I think its a good realease for the most part. Now…I need to start caring about getting my old friends back. 5 years ago


I just care too much about too many stupid things. That’s gotta stop. It’ll feel so much more better 5 years ago


ok so all the bullshit i have gone through i want to forget! i just want o be in a place were no one knows who i am and wonders why i smile so much! i want to be happy with the one i love and not worry about all the mistakes i have done or think about the past and people that would love to see me fail in love and life. I want to be able to say this is who i am and i will always be ok with the decisions that i made! 6 years ago

JUSlivinITupchallenge worked!

i picked up a lot of overtime at work so that i would be too busy to sit aroudn and think about the results. i mean overtine from hearing sbout the interview to going, then a good batch from after the interview to the results. i even overshot it. after i got in i was soo busy i couldnt even go celebrate because i had another week worth of overtime to do. i think this is a good goal for anyone on the edge . 6 years ago

JUSlivinITup(fake it till u make it)

i interviewed for med school on Monday and i definitely don’t want to think about this too much. i have 3 weeks until the results are back so i signed up for hella over time at work…at least that way i wont be worrying myself into an oblivion.

only 2 things can happen they either let me in or “dont have room in the Class.” if its the latter it will be a test of the “Not flipping out?” goal. i do have more faith than fear but the best resolution between wildly optimistic and overly practical is to just not care. so yeh… i dont care 6 years ago

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