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I’m more into watching soccer, but I should play it more for sure. 3 years ago

Kuba_WirusI played on saturday

I have had a long break, now i would like to play more. 4 years ago

boldsparrowNeed to find other Soccer enthusiasts!

Or at least some whose interests in it extend beyond watching the game from their couch! Even if it is just one-on-one surely I can find someone who will play with me? 4 years ago


So I had the most amazing opportunity to coach the most incredible group of 3rd and 4th graders this past year. We totally went from the worse team (4 games loss in a row) to never losing after our first 4 game loses. Then I joined an indoor soccer team called the Misfits which is 100% what we were. I got to play striker. I scored 3 goals and in the process of playing I injured my shoulder really bad and found out I have asthma. Bummer… But I got to play tons of soccer and im coaching 5th and 6th graders this fall. And Im hoping to get to have summer training for a couple specific players that have incredible natural talent. 5 years ago


I used to be on a team when I was younger, but I had to stop because my workload got too big. I play it every time I get the chance and still love it, though! 5 years ago


I love to play soccer! In fact I’m 11 yrs old and play on a traveling soccer team. But I am so busy that I never find time ot actually practice at home. I practice all the time at actual soccer practice but never at home. So I guess that’s it. 6 years ago

soccer0129once a week is not enough

I love the game, but I only play it once a week. I have to wait an entire week to play 1 lousy game. That needs to change because I am not getting my soccer fill. 6 years ago

jungj11Double header in 90+ heat

So I tried to fulfill this goal and almost made myself sick. I stupidly agreed to play on a co-worker’s amateur team even though I hadn’t played in half a year. Even worse, it was the stickiest, hottest day of the summer AND we had to play 2 games back to back. Talk about absolute, rock-bottom misery…

I played as much as I could the first game, nearly puked and snuck out in the middle of the 2nd game.

So I played more soccer, but didn’t play it well. I’m not going to cross this off as a done until I do a better job at it. 7 years ago

motorasStill playing

Is great. Remember me when I was a kid 7 years ago

EndlesslyPureI want to play...

with those who enjoy it recreationally. It’s no fun when you get some pomppous-ass know-it-all doing all his fancy schamcy tricks. .... cuz then no one wants to play.

I ended up ditching the game today for that reason, and then going up to the gym at my work instead. I ended up playing some Squash too. Fun times! 8 years ago

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