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get a dog

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~ John Lee ~the latest member of the herd

meet Ricky

formal name: Ricardo Joachim 5 days ago


:) 3 weeks ago


This will be more feasible once we FIND A NEW HOME FOR SMUDGE1 month ago


Well, it’s going to be a while, b/c I have determined that whenever we finally move into an apt, we have to get a dog at the same time, which requires even more money, so it’s going to be a whiiiiile.

But we generally agreed on a few things:
1) to try to find said dog at an animal shelter (or take one from a friend who has to give theirs up b/c of moving, etc)
2) to try to find a younger dog, so that they’ll be with us a long time
3) to try to find a dog that’s on the smaller side, so that I can pick it up myself in case of emergency (or during a long walk, or whatever) and so we can snuggle, and that whatever small place we’re in will be the right size (not a big dog crammed in a tiny space)

I’m sure we’ll go somewhere and just HAVE to have a dog we see, and all these thoughts will just be thrown right out the window, but these are the general thoughts for now! 3 months ago


Just a pic of her and I settling in for a snooze. 3 months ago

AailuterIt has begun!

I finally got up the nerve and took the plunge – and applied to my local Humane Society to foster a dog.
I got one that is well matched to me. A bit smaller than I would have picked myself, but more loving than I expected. She’s really well-trained by her former owners, which makes why they would have given her away all the more puzzling.
At any rate, I feel quite fortunate, and watching her recover from the surgery she’s had feels wonderful. We’re bonding as well, so it may be a foster-to-adopt situation, more than a simple foster one! 3 months ago


So the biggest barrier to me getting a dog has been lifestyle. I’m out more often than not, and work means I’m often travelling. So I’m researching all of the difficulties that arise from my situation and thinking about whether I can come up with practical solutions. A friend lives close by – can he check on the dog if I’m away. Another runs a dog walking business – can I use him occasionally. Can I incorporate morning jogs with dog walking? Can I work from home more frequently? 3 months ago

mrcreedhere we go

found a local-ish breeder…thinking springtime maybe =) 5 months ago


Adopted a dog. Makes the family happy. Yay dog! 7 months ago


Took in an older dog. 8 months ago

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