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HopeClemI want to be a magazine editor

I really want 2 b a mag edtior coz my mum is a newspaper and mag web editor and i want 2 follow in her footsteps 4 years ago

LoveMeBitchMagazine Editor In Newyork (:

Who Fancy’s It ?
I Do .. But Im Scared About Expencies And Leaving The Family … ?
6 years ago


u may not get to this request very soon…or at all, but I am desperatly in need of information/ tips on becoming a (hurrah!) Magazine editor. I now know that I’m not the only one and, though I’m an 8th grader, I already have a little competition. I am a hard worker, very smart, a procrastinator (I know, it’s really bad for this field), love to write and express myself, very creative, and I need help! ty! 7 years ago


im going to be takin journalism in 9th grade and ive written a million magazine articles. it’s so fun! 7 years ago


If you want to be a magazine editor, this is the place to start: www.ed2010.com 7 years ago


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