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kayla mullisUntitled

got a king size bed! :) 22 months ago

kayla mullisNew yay

Got a new tv stand on sale and it doubles as a bookcase! Love it! 2 years ago

kayla mullisjust a little more

Got ather couch ad a reclliner! :) 3 years ago

kayla mullisgetting there

Started by getting a new couch, next will be a chest of drawers, and some bookcases, recliner , kitchen table the list goes on we got a long way to go. 3 years ago

toeknI would love new furniture!

But so would the stains that come with a 2 year old :D 3 years ago


I have a google docs presentation on this, but essentially a few key furniture purchases will really help make life in my shoebox apartment much better.

Divided into things that require a bit of effort or thought, and things that don’t.

Instant gratification items:

MALM chest of drawers: $279
2x LERBERG shelf units $50 (as bedside tables!)
2x lamps for bedside: $60ish
BESTA TV bench: $99
MALM storage unit: $99 (sliding lid FTW)
LACK bookcase: $219 (requires getting rid of the old dryer)
BILLY bookcase w height extension: $292
KLUBBO nest tables: $99

Things that require money/time investments:

Antonius system for laundry: $200ish
PAX wardrobe: $1,000ish
STENSTORP kitchen island: $600
new couch: $? 5 years ago

longwayFurniture Maintenance

Choosing the right dining furniture is perhaps one of the difficult decisions that you will have to make. It is all the more so as choices are many and price ranges varied. Let us have a look at how to choose the right dining set for you and your family and how to maintain the same for years together.

Dining room tables are the most important piece of your dining set. They bind your other furniture items and acts as the focal point. While choosing a table, you have to decide before hand as to what kind of look you want to give to your room. Your dining table may be Victorian, Classical, Modern or Contemporary. It may be made of wood or wrought iron. It should be elegant and inspire appreciative glances. There are a few steps you can take to keep your wooden dining table in perfect mint condition for years together. Let us see how.

Wooden dining tables are elegance personified. Mind you, nothing can beat a well crafted and designed wooden table that enhances the dignity of your place manifold. You need to take proper care of your table as it is the most vulnerable of all your items. Daily use of it may result in scratches, burns, spots and marks emerging and destroying its beauty.

Invest in a proper table pad. It will protect your table for years together. Replacing the top of a wooden dining table would not be an ideal proposition in terms of cost or aesthetics. So it is better to be careful and meticulous while using your favorite table.

Wooden dining room chairs also need proper maintenance and care. Do not lean on your chairs’ handles as these may expand and open from the corners. Varnishing and polishing at frequent intervals is important to have that impeccable look. If your chairs are having leather upholstery, make sure to be extra careful while using the same as replacements may cost you dear. Use proper cushions and tapestries to protect the surface. This would also add to the life of your chairs considerably. The same also goes for your dining sofas. Even a few marks on it and you lose the beauty of the same. To avoid this, you can have replaceable covers.

A wooden dining room hutch is another article that will add immensely to the beauty of your place. Make sure that you cover the top of the hutch with proper fabric or plastics. If you place certain items on top of your hutch, make sure that these are not abrasive or have rough edges as these may put permanent scratches. The front glass used in a hutch needs frequent cleaning and careful handling.

Since you are spending a good deal on your dining furniture, it becomes all the more important for you to take good care of it. A little money spent on regular maintenance is worth the effort. You can have peace of mind and rest assured that it is going to last for years together. 6 years ago


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