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Asha_IsMore opportunities to learn.. yay!

So, I took a cob workshop a couple weeks ago. I was excited I’d be able to keep volunteering on the site until the build season was over, then a little off the grid farm I camped at in May got a hold of me that they’re going to start building a cob cottage soon, and the little, cordwood cabin I stayed at will be available if I want to come back. 20 months ago


Just the most beautiful homes ever, I want to build my own and live in it, either in Georgia pr Scotland. Perhaps as part of the chidren’s centre? 2 years ago

travelingsuitcaseLooking for interns

The rubble trench foundation is currently being filled. After that, the stone stem wall… then the cob. I just put out a post on growfood.org (our Farm’s name is Hidden Moon) looking for volunteers to help us this summer. I hope we are able to complete it by Thanksgiving 2010. 4 years ago

mahvirI just have to do it !

Trying to understand the the details. 4 years ago


Going to try doing this instead: http://www.lifeinthefastlane.ca/sustainable-village-provides-innovative-shelter-and-safe-haven/uncategorized

it’s called earthbag building, and I found someone to get the special tube sandbags from cheap. This method is a little easier(at least for the first few layers) than cob. both are labor intensive, but you just can’t find a house like this anywhere else, plus, its pretty much free 4 years ago

MatrinkaI'm in the first stages!

My husband and I have the plans for our cob house and have begun the site clearing already. 5 years ago

ReincarknittedMi casa

A tiny little dream house. An extension of the earth. My earliest dream is to build a house of my own with my own hands. 5 years ago

TheLeyenbecksOur Dream Homes

We are starting a life together, and soon, a family. We want our cob home in the Hill Country to be our homebase and then we want to build a cob home in each Baja Sur and British Columbia. 5 years ago

ErnototlisI want to build a cob house...

I’m 15 and am thinking about being an architect when I’m older. I also want to build and live in a cob house when I am older. How would I build a cob house, how long will it take, where would I get the materials, how many peopleshould help me, how expensive is it to build ne, how big can you build one? any other info/tips would be great… 5 years ago

unworthychildMy Family's future home

My husband and I fully plan on completing this goal together. I believe that with time and fortitude, our dream will come true 5 years ago

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